As an experienced (30 Years) roofing company, Thompson Roofing | Riverside Roofing knows how important it is to keep your roof in excellent condition. Not only does it protect your home or business from the harsh elements, but it also adds immense value to your home. However, many threats can compromise the integrity of your roof, leading to costly repairs and even a full roof replacement. In this article, we will discuss six common threats to your roof and how to prevent them.

1. Poor Installation Improper Roof Installation

One of the most common reasons for a roof failure is a bad roof installation. Whether you are installing a new roof or replacing an old one, it is crucial to choose a qualified and Professional roofing company like Thompson Roofing. We will ensure the roof is properly installed and all components are aligned, set properly, and sealed. Poor roofing installation can lead to leaks, water damage, and premature roof failure. To prevent a poor roofing installation, make sure that the roofing company you choose is professionally licensed. At Thompson Roofing | Commercial / Residential our roofing contractor license is: 1091279-C39

2. Extreme Weather Conditions

Damaged Shingle from a storm or wind damage on the roofExtreme weather conditions in Riverside, CA such as high winds, Extreme Heat in the summer, and heavy rain, can cause significant damage to your roof. It is crucial to have your roof inspected regularly by a professional to identify any minor damage before it becomes a bigger problem. Living in Riverside ourselves we are no strangers to severe weather. Another option is to consider investing in higher quality or more durable roofing materials that will maintain their strength during every seasonal extreme.

3. Poor VentilationAttic vent on an asphalt shingle roof

Proper ventilation is critical to maintaining the longevity of your roof. Without adequate ventilation, moisture can build up in your attic, leading to mold growth and damage to your roof’s structure. Extreme heat months create skyrocketing heat during the day and then the roof cools down at night. This fluctuation in temperatures creates a contraction/expansion cycle that can compromise the integrity over time.  Make sure your attic is well-ventilated by installing vents or fans and regularly cleaning out debris, and you can also request a roof inspection. Thompson Roofing would be happy to come out and make sure everything is ok. Give us a call at 909-377-4402.

4. Tree Damage

Tree branch damage on an asphalt shingle roof puncturing a hole in the roof. Trees and/or palm trees and their branches near your home or business can create a significant threat to your roof, especially during heavy rain storms or high winds. Overhanging branches can scrape against and puncture the roof, causing damage to your asphalt shingles and or shifting/breaking tiles. Falling branches can also puncture the roof and cause holes and leaks. To prevent this, it is extremely important to trim or cut any branches that are too close to your roof to prevent damage.


5. Lack of Maintenance

Regular maintenance is essential to prolonging the lifespan of your roof. Schedule an annual inspection with a professional roofing contractor like Thompson Roofing Riverside to identify any issues before they become more severe. It’s important to regularly clean out your gutters, remove any debris from your roof and make any necessary repairs promptly. If you would like to schedule a roof inspection, give Thompson Roofing a call at 909-377-4402.

6. Aging Roof

Even with proper maintenance and an annual inspection, all roofs will eventually reach the end of their lifespan. As your roof ages, it becomes more susceptible to damage from weather and other threats. If your roof is more than 20-25 years old, consider replacing it with a more durable and or higher quality material. In conclusion, protecting your roof from major threats requires regular maintenance, tree trimming, proper installation, and careful consideration of the changing seasons and their conditions. By following these tips, you can ensure that your roof will remain in excellent condition, protecting your property and continuing to add value to your home or business for years to come.

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